Ressort Internationales

What do we do?

The main objectives of the International Department are to open horizons and to build bridges between people and cultures across the world. For our participants, we organize different formats dealing with intercultural topics, international and interpersonal relationships. The events provide unique opportunities to learn about the social behavior, business habits and the ways of life of different origins.

What's happening in 2024?

Embrace the future. This year the international resort of WJ Frankfurt aims to create an international outlook together. While the world has never felt as much in flux as it does now, we want to identify and embrace international topics that will shape our future and create a network of international orientated people in Frankfurt and around the world. 


Why should you join?

You should get to know us in one of our meetings, if...

… you are interested in getting to know more about other cultures and countries.

… you want to have the opportunity to extend and globalize your network.

… you are interested in bringing your skills into the group and learning new things.

… you like to see and share experiences in an international environment.

… you would like to improve your language skills.

... you want to have a great time in an international environment.

International Department: Be part of it!


Successful formats we are continuously using:  


Multi-Twinning-Events are either held in Frankfurt or in another place like Turku-Aurajoki (Finland), Leipzig (Germany), Lyon (France) and Esja (Iceland). The purpose of the Multi-Twinning-Event is a multi-day intercultural gathering that includes a diverse and entertaining program.

In 2024, the Multitwinning will be in Turku, Finland. For further information visit
As the European Conference is directly thereafter, it makes perfect sense to take part in both the Multitwinning and Europan Conference!

JCI European Conference & JCI World Congress

The International Department also provides special offers and coordinates the chapter's trips to the JCI European Conference and the JCI World Congress. The conferences are great venues providing an easy way to get to know people from all over the world (3,000 people from more than 100 countries). You will have the chance to participate in trainings and to exchange ideas increasing your knowledge as well as your intercultural competences.

In 2024, the European Conference will be in Oulu (Finland), for further information visit

And the World Congress will be held in Taoyuan, Taiwan!


Networks: Building the bridge to JCI - Junior Chamber International

Our International Department is the connection to the Junior Chamber International (JCI) - a worldwide membership-based non-profit organization of young active citizens aged 18 to 40 who are dedicated to create positive changes in their communities through projects in 5,000 communities in more than 100 countries.#


If you have any question sor want to join the international department, feel free to reach out to:

Thomas Dal Magro